The Role of Families in Sex Education for Children

Many educational needs are needed by teenagers. Conditions are still unstable making them often make false assumptions of what is seen, not least about sex. So, it is best to sex education with children before they actually satisfy curiosity through porn videos.

Launch from the South China Morning Post. Wednesday, October 16, 2019, Assistant Professor at Hong Kong Polytechnic University Cecilia Ma Man-sze has conducted research on the effects of pornography on teenagers.

In the journal Applied Research in Quality of Life involving 1401 teenagers in China, Cecilia revealed, the greater their pornographic consumption, the more likely depression.

In 2016, Cecilia also published an International Journal of Disability and Human Development by involving adolescents in Hong Kong to examine the relationship of pornography with family functions.

The result, the higher the family function, the less likely the teenager to watch pornography. “We conclude, the role of the family is very important. Moreover, if family relationships love each other, have a sense of togetherness, and there is no conflict,” said Cecilia.

Each year, hospitals in Hong Kong also conduct a survey of 5146 respondents consisting of 3907 school students and 1239 young people aged 18-27 years.

The 2011 survey showed respondents could answer questions about sex education on average 8 out of the 12 questions provided. Whereas in 2016, the average score was five. This proves a decrease in knowledge.

For this reason, FPAHK encourages parents to have sex education conversations with their children. “If parents no longer keep it a secret (sex education), children will also not look for other sources for such information,” Chau Wai-Wai said.

Enter the School Curriculum

Britain has updated the sex education curriculum. They teach students about healthy relationships, same-sex relationships, and online safety. This curriculum will be inaugurated in 2020 to prepare students in a modern environment.

While Hong Kong currently still uses the 1997 education curriculum with sex education not being prioritized. Chau Wai-Wai, a member of the Family Planning Association of Hong Kong (FPAHK), stated that many parents have asked schools in Hong Kong to provide sex education.

The scope of sex education is very broad. It can be about safe sex, the use of condoms, birth control, sexually transmitted diseases, and various other chapters of sex education that are studied in schools according to the curriculum.

In the past, schools did not like to mention sex education openly. But, as the times evolve, parents and schools recognize that sex education is very important. Especially at this time children easily access images and sexual information online.